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Upcycled Bags

Sustainably made from Upcycled & Vintage materials.

Reusable Produce Bags

Made from upcycled lace curtains.

Worth More Standing

50% of profits to protecting Australia's Native Forests.

Upcycled Cutlery Set

Sustainably sourced from local op-shops.

Upcycled ECO

Upcycled | Sustainable | Reusable | Ethical.

Join our Ramble Folk Community!

I will be having a stall at 'The Slow Craft Market' at St. Ailbes Hall, Launceston on Saturday 3rd August, from 11:00am - 5:00pm! Any designs left over after the market will be listed here on the Sunday!

My upcycled bags are OOAK and usually sell out quite quickly so this is the best way to get first access! ~ Pre-sale link for my 'Ramble Folk Community' will be emailed out 2 hours before they go live.

Slow Craft Market

St. Ailbes Hall

St. Ailbes Hall

46 Margaret Street, Launceston TAS 7250

11:00am - 5:00pm

Over 30 Slow Craft stalls, with everything from stained glass to upcycled jewellery, what a great way to spend your Saturday!

Saturday 3rd August

This will be my second 'Slow Craft Market' and I'm so excited to get back. Can't wait to see you all there!

Worth More Standing

A fundraising project in partnership with Bob Brown Foundation and The Great Forest National Park to help protect Australia's Native Forests.

We donate 50% of profits from the sale of every sticker directly to these organisations, who are on the front line every day, standing in the way of needless destruction from logging and mining, and taking direct action to protect our wild places! 


In exciting news...

We are very proud and excited to be a Finalist in 2 categories of the Tasmanian Community Achievement Awards for 2023!

EPA Sustainability Award (Industry)

EPA Sustainability Award (Community)

There are not many things more exciting and rewarding to me in my business than to be recognised for an award in the sustainability sector, and it's an absolute honour to be a Finalist among such an incredible group of sustainable businesses.

Thank You! Bel xx

more about us

A little bit about us...

We're very proudly supporting the Bob Brown Foundation, Great Forest National Park, and Greening Australia in the incredible work they do to restore and protect our breathtaking, unique (and vulnerable) natural Australian habitats, and native forests. You can read all about it here :)

We donate 5% of every sale to help maximise their impact, with projects demonstrating conservation on a massive scale. From protecting takayna / Tarkine wilderness in Tasmania to creating Australia's biggest carbon sink, covering millions of hectares of land and protecting our native forests, plants and wildlife.

Our products are all sustainably and ethically made in Australia AND we are committed to making, packing and shipping our products plastic free!

Here at Ramble Folk we are very much imperfect in our mission to reduce waste, and we are well aware of the many contradictions in our lifestyles. But, we believe that we are all just doing our best, working with what we have, doing what we can afford to do, and that it's not possible (or necessary) to be perfect when it comes to reducing waste. However, like you, we're here and we're trying, and we’re always learning and we care, and we teach our kids to care, and we want to support you on your journey too, no matter what stage you're at. You can read all about that here :)


You're pretty awesome! x

The Mindful Isle: Podcast

What a pleasure it was to chat to Daisy Baker from The Mindful Isle, her podcast is amazing!

When was the last time you set foot in an op-shop? Today's guest Bel Dowde has a knack for finding pre-loved goods and transforming them into beautiful and funky upcycled items. She started her sustainable business Ramble Folk last year and now sells a range of reusable eco products. She was recognised as a finalist in the 2021 Tasmanian Sustainable Business of the Year award.

In this conversation Bel shares how Ramble Folk came to be, we chat about upcycled gifting, imperfect sustainability and so much more.


Upcycled & Plastic Free!

Sustainable Gifting

This year, why not replace one new gift for each family member or friend with an upcylcled gift, or with something you have found in an op-shop or second hand store. It's a super fun way to be more sustainable with your gifting!

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Upcycled Eco Range

Whether you're just curious and at the start of your plastic free journey, or already smashing it out of the park, you can shop our full range of Australian made, upcycled, resuable eco products and gift boxes here.

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Reusable Produce Bags

Using reusable produce bags at the supermarket is an easy and extremely effective way to go plastic free. Our produce bags are ethically made in Australia from upcyled lace curtains, sourced from op-shops.

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Upcycled ECO Box

Sustainable | Australian made | ECO Box

Our Upcycled Eco gift box is not only ethically made in Australia, it is also full of our reusable eco products, made from leftover fabrics, upcycled and repurposed materials sourced from op-shops. The box itself is made and printed in Australia on sustainably sourced recycled cardboard, and comes with our signature 'upcycling gift card' ready to add your personalised note. We can also ship directly to the lucky giftee for you :)


Reusable ECO Products

At Ramble Folk it's our mission to normalise, embrace and beautify the middle 'R' (Reuse). We create 'new' products from upcycled, vintage and leftover materials, and share fun and stunning ways that you can reuse - before you recycle. Browse our entire upcycled eco range here.


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