Our Process

I am very excited that you have clicked on this page to learn more about who we are here at Ramble Folk, and why we do what we do! Good on you - you're my new favourite visitor!

At Ramble Folk it's our mission to normalise, embrace and beautify the middle 'R' (Reuse). It's really important to love all of the R's equally of course, we have to 'Reduce' the amount of stuff we buy, we just don't need all of this new stuff, really we don't! 'Recycle', well that speaks for itself. You bought it, you can't reuse it, but it can be recycled and made into something else instead of heading to landfill!

A couple of other R's have entered the scene recently... 'Refuse' and 'Rot'. Have you heard this? Making the original R trio into an R quintuplet. Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot. 'Refuse' is about saying no to single use plastics, disposable cutlery, takeaway containers etc and is a very VERY welcome addition to the party. Refuse stops it at the source, creates noise and makes change happen, and she will 100% change the world one day that girl! 'Rot' is the new home of composting and it's hard to imagine she was never part of the group before! What did we ever do without her, seriously.

We love all the R's here at Ramble Folk, but our favourite is the middle child (not because I too am a middle child and I just get it (IYKYK)) but because if we can in some small (or big) way help people to see how fun and exciting it is to reuse something they already have or find, that already exists in the world but would have been otherwise discarded, and to upcycle an item that was once considered ugly or useless into something beautiful, then we feel like we are making a splash in the #reuserevolution and that's something we absolutely want to be part of.

We create 'new' products from upcycled, vintage and leftover materials. Most of our materials are sourced from op-shops and second hand stores, and we also use items that we already have around the house, stored away in boxes and cupboards - I don't really like the word 'hoarder' but I do have a heck of a lot of fabric!!

We wash, sanitise and polish all of our second hand materials in natural, chemical free, Aussie made detergents, such as 'Koh' and 'Dirt' because they not only do an incredible job, they also align with our values. Any scraps of materials and offcuts we can't use for our products, we keep and shred them to add to our cushion inserts (stay tuned for this new and exciting addition to our range). 

It was really important to us to make our upcycled products look beautiful and 'new' again. The reality is that people like new, and they like shiny, we've been conditioned that way by advertising and imagery that we are bombarded with daily, and if we want people to love and buy upcycled and reused products, it certainly helps to make them look as beautiful as we can!

I put a lot of time and effort into presentation and packaging and my website and imagery because like any business, I want people to see and be drawn to my products, and you know, buy them, so my business is no different to any other in this way, but there is definitely a bit of a next level approach to branding when your goal is to make something old and discarded look better than it's newer counterparts.  As I mentioned before, we are on a mission to normalise, embrace and beautify the middle 'R' and to share fun and stunning ways that you too can reuse - before you recycle.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read :)

Bel xx